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  • Genius Product Recall

    Update 9 June 2015:  

  • Allergy Aware Training

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    I was lucky to bag a place at Allergy Aware Kitchen training day yesterday which was held at Nibsy's, Reading's first all gluten free cafe.  

  • Silly Yak Pastry

  • 'Malt' Loaf Homage

    Another Gluten-free cooking for kids recipe

    A few days ago, Carly Talbot of asked if anyone had a recipe for a gluten free version of a malt loaf. A malt loaf uses barley malt and barley flour, both of which are not gluten free.  To get the required squidgy, stogdgy texture and the malty flavour some improvising would be required.  I was keen to have a go.  

    Soreen gf.jpg

    If you are into malt loaf, then you will probably recognise the brand Soreen.  This is a quintessential English/British brand, makers of the original malt loaf.  Although I have seen it on the shelves with it's distinctive packaging,  I  admit, I have never actaully tried it.  Apparently you slice off a thick wedge and slather it with butter and wash it down with a strong cup of tea. A very British experience and a bit of an acquired taste.  

    Well I tried it and I like the deep treacly flavour and the saltiness that comes from the malt.  The texture is a bit rubbery and reminds me of a bread that's gone badly wrong. So whilst not a traditional copy of the original,  my version has the deep caramely overtones and an earthiness similar to the original, but the texture is more like a moist tea bread.

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  • Hot Cross Buns

    Hot Cross Bun flour paste x gf.jpg

     You are going to love these.  The texture is light and springy and they can stand shoulder to shoulder with their gluten equivalents with their little bun faces held up high. 

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